It’s hard to realize the value of being free until it’s gone. Facial Recognition technology combined with Artificial Intelligence opens the door to some very real and scary potential uses. The most important thing you can do to help block facial recognition from invading your privacy is educate yourself on what it is and how it is being used. Block Facial Recognition ( was started to help educate people who want to prevent government or business abuses when it comes to their personal identity.

Consider this recent article by the NY Times on how Beijing is using facial recognition and AI to track over a 1.4 billion people. Now imagine this scenario – on the corner of every block is a police officer or government official with facial recognition glasses scanning people walking down the sidewalk. The actions and movement of criminals and law abiding citizens alike are all being uploaded to the cloud and stored in a searchable database. Your every move, purchase, activity is being tracked and stored – whether you know it or not. Ask yourself this – are you really free? is your privacy important enough to find out how you can block facial recognition in your own life? If so then be sure to check out some of the resources below and come back for more information on how blocking facial recognition and preventing your visual identity from ending up in a permanent database.

Latest Books – Blocking Facial Recognition

Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis

A bit pricey but this book has state-of-the-art face detection and analysis information. This is for the more serious reader wanting to learn about new research, psychology-based facial dynamics recognition, various applications such as behavior analysis, deception detection, including diagnosis of various psychological disorders.

Particular areas of interest are face and facial landmark detection, face recognition, facial expression and emotion analysis, facial dynamics analysis, face classification, identification, and clustering, and gaze direction and head pose estimation, as well as applications of face analysis.




Advancements in technology have quickly developed a number of ways to use Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) raising individual privacy concerns on how personal information is being monitored and used. Here are some resources to help keep you informed.

Facial recognition software is not a new concept. It started with a few guys in a garage and a “what-if” scenario that eventually led to the facial recognition software use today. Other types of biometrics software include fingerprint and iris identification. There are 2D and 3D systems in place and are the reason why you are no longer allowed to make facial expressions for passport photos. Web technologies that take advantage of facial recognition systems include Picasa, Iphoto and Picture Motion Browser.

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This paperback from Peng Yang provides a wide range of academic literature that has been collected. University dissertations and graduate school work with a variety of perspectives on ways to block facial recognition, how it is being used, methods and more has all been assembled and made available in this resource.

Why to Block Facial Recognition

The technology of the modern world is developing at a rapid pace and new things are being invented to the world on a regular basis. Almost all these technological inventions are designed for the convenience of people. Facial recognition systems can be considered as a great biometric system that can be seen in every corner of the world. Most of the government offices and corporate offices seek the assistance of facial recognition systems in order to provide a secure and a convenient service to their clients. Many systems can be integrated with facial recognition systems and access control, attendance, visitor management are some of them. They are in a position to provide accurate results to the users with less hassle.

The use of facial recognition is becoming wider and many people seek the assistance of it because of the effective results in identifying people. The technology behind facial recognition is non-intrusive. Therefore you do not have to place your finger prints or anything to register for the system. The camera which is used to capture your face can give effective results when it is placed one meter away from the face. People are not aware about the capturing process and that makes it easy for the system to recognize any face with less hassle.

The method is very accurate and the accuracy will develop with the improvement of technology in the future. Most of the facial recognition systems need the person to blink, smile or do any kind of facial movement. This can help to prevent against imposters who try to act like someone by wearing a mask. Many important documents like passport and driving license can seek the assistance of facial recognition and help the public to stay away from all the fraud and criminal activities. This will reduce the multiple documents that a person must have and the preparation of false documents as well.

Banking systems can also use facial recognition and implement more secure transaction services to the clients. Many people access secure buildings because of the lack of security. If the management can implement a facial recognition system to the building, secure physical access can be provided in order to limit all the unauthorized accessing. People can enroll in a facial recognition system without any hesitation because their private details are not sent to the public in any way.

It is not essential for the people to be present for a person to register in a facial recognition system. Even a photograph is enough for this task and it is taken from their driving license or passport. This flexibility and the wide use with security will help the people to carry on their daily work with less hassle. Therefore it can be seen that any company or an organization can enhance the security and gain more potential clients towards it. So, it can also be considered as a great investment done for the future of a business.

For all of these reasons and more it is important to know about Facial Recognition